Labec CEM Model – Muffle Furnace

Posted: 28 April 2010 in Labec, Muffle Furnace
image Model CEM merupakan salah satu model furnace favorit yang dikeluarkan oleh Labec – Australia

Feature maupun spesifikasi termasuk lengkap untuk ukurannya, seperti dibawah ini.


  • Ergonomic modular design in stainless steel construction
  • Hard wearing alumina lining.
  • Double skinned construction keeps the exterior body cool at high temperatures.
  • Door is firmly held closed with an adjustable side locking latch.
  • Light weight ceramic fibre insulation for rapid thermal cycling.
  • Digital microprocessor based PID temperature controller.
  • Overheat protection thermostat built-in.
  • Rear vent port for natural venting or gas purging.
  • Safety cut-off of heaters when door is opened.
  • Several standard sizes available.
  • 1300°C models available on request.
  • Optional multi-stage fully programmable controllers available.
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